Mona Beesley

Earlier this year, I was experiencing a very heavy flow of menstrual bleeding. I lost a lot of blood since I was bleeding continually for 2 1/2months and became anemic. I felt like I was loosing my life force. I went to my gynecologist and he did a biopsy to check for cancer. Fortunately that turned out all right as no cancer cells were found, however the bleeding continued and I felt drained of energy. I came to see Lei Shaw for acupuncture. After the first treatment nothing much happened, so I went back for a second treatment 3 weeks later. In this session Lei also used moxa to stimulate (warm) the meridian to the spleen. After that the most amazing thing happened. The following night I did not need to get up to change my pad, and within 2 days the bleeding had totally stopped. The following week some light bleeding returned, but I burned the moxa, and it stopped again.

I am at the age of moving into menopause and I now know that some women experience heavy bleeding because of hormonal imbalances at that time. I am very grateful for Lei's expertise and knowledge as my other choices would have been first a D and C and then possibly a hysterectomy. This experience has certainly shown me that acupuncture is a most powerful way to work with the human body. Thank you Lei for your good work.

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