Laude Rainey Schmidt, M.S.

Since seeking acupuncture treatment with Lei Shaw for hypertension and the residual facial paralysis of Bell's palsy, I have experienced significant improvement.

I was diagnosed with hypertension in 1999. When I first visited Lei Shaw, my resting heart rate was 100-110, and had been that way for months. Blood pressure averaged at 135/90 and was being treated with 25 mg hydrochlorothiazide. After 4-6 weekly acupuncture and herbal treatments, my resting heart rate dropped to 75-85, and blood pressure stabilized at 125/70. This has greatly improved my energy level and the quality of sleep I experience. Prior to these treatments my sleep was restless and I often awoke feeling achy and unrested. Now I sleep deeply and dream more vividly, awaking rested and relaxed.

I developed Bell's palsy in 1987 and experienced significant paralysis on the left side of my face. At that time I was treated with cortisone and with electrical stimulation in physical therapy on a weekly basis for about eight weeks. Over the next two years, about 80% of facial mobility returned, but my smile was noticeably crooked due to the residual paralysis. When I began seeing Lei Shaw, I mentioned this but really did not expect that anything significant could be done to improve the mobility or muscle tone in the affected area. I was very surprised and excited when she suggested using a combination of acupuncture and electrical stimulation. This treatment began to make a noticeable difference in the area of the residual paralysis. After 8-10 weekly treatments, I am able to feel and see a significant improvement. My smile is nearly normal. Mobility has gone from 80% to 95%. And the self-consciousness I had been experiencing about how I looked has also changed significantly as my face looks more balanced and normal. I feel much more confident and comfortable.

I am very grateful to Lei Shaw for her skill and professionalism in treating these conditions. The quality of my life has greatly improved since I've been working with her.

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