I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, a sleep disorder, six years ago, and started taking Cylert to treat it. The doctors told me that narcolepsy is not curable, and that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life. About eight months ago I discovered that Cylert is known to cause severe liver toxicity, so I decided to go off of it, and, rather than switch to a different medication with its own set of side effects, I decided to see if acupuncture could provide a cure. I had never received acupuncture before, and didn't know much about it, so I wasn't entirely optimistic about the outcome. But, after about three treatments from Lei Shaw, I was able to stop taking Cylert. After a couple of months of treatments, I felt like I had been cured. I continued to drink a therapeutic tea for several more weeks after stopping the treatments. Now, it's been about six months since I stopped the treatments and I feel better than I did on the medication. Much better. I wish everyone who had narcolepsy could learn that acupuncture provides a potential cure.

My fiancé was suffering from mild depression, so I suggested he try acupuncture. He went for just a few treatments with Lei Shaw and felt much better. In fact, he had battled depression on and off since I met him 2 1/2 years ago, but since the acupuncture treatments seven months ago, he hasn't been depressed since.

My father suffered a stroke nine months ago and was paralyzed on his left side. I did some research and learned that acupuncture has been used very effectively to treat paralysis caused by stroke. Unfortunately, because my father was in a health care facility, we were not able to take him for acupuncture treatment right away. He was receiving physical and occupational therapy, but was not making much progress. About three months after the stroke we took him to Lei Shaw for treatment after the first two treatments he regained some movement in his left hand and left foot. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we had to discontinue the treatments after the first few weeks. When we are able to continue the treatments, I expect to see even more improvement.

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