Hi Ms Shaw, from 40 cigarettes/day to 4 cigs on Sun and 5 on Monday, has many of my friends "buzzing" as I told you they would. One telephone call this evening from an executive at a major corporation in town has many people wanting your name, which I did give him. This is most amazing.

When I do get stressed, I do have the craving for the cigarette. If I could keep all stress levels in control, I would be much better off. I am craving water all the time. I am keeping a diary of what is going on with my system. I have had a mild headache Sun and Mon afternoons, and I never have a headache. Your "medicine" is special. I have to believe you can really help me in getting my life under control, yes, I do know it is in my hands but I need your assistance. Thank you. See you Wednesday afternoon.

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