Eric Walker

I first met Lei Shaw in 1999. I had been suffering from migraine and cluster headaches for many years and my wife suggested we attend a lecture about acupuncture at one of the local libraries in Indianapolis. After listening to Lei's presentation, I decided that I would give acupuncture a try. At that point, I was willing to try just about anything to ease the pain. I wasn't very familiar with the procedure, but thought that there must be something to it for it to have been around for such a long time.

I began weekly treatments and noticed after a few weeks that the frequency and severity of my headaches was starting to lessen. In addition to the acupuncture treatments, Lei also gave me some herbal mixtures to take, which would help with the symptoms. She has a vast knowledge of Chinese herbs and their usage and always knows just what helps with what symptom Lei continued to treat me and eventually we reached the point that there were several months between treatments. If I happen to get a headache now I just go visit Lei for a "tune tip" and that takes care of it.

In addition to the excellent results I experienced with headache pain, Lei has helped with other injuries and concerns along the way. I have allergies and have found that acupuncture is excellent for opening up my sinuses and helping my breathing. Lei is currently treating me for a recurring problem with tendonitis in my elbow. The original injury came from martial arts practice and I have reinstated it at work, I called Lei a few months ago and asked if she was able to do something for tendonitis. After just one treatment the pain noticeably decreased and I am continuing to receive treatments at this time. I am very pleased with the results. I had similar positive results with a minor ankle sprain.

Lei has been a pleasure to get to know. She is a very pleasant person and is eager to bring relief to my aches and pains. Her knowledge of acupuncture and herbal treatments is excellent and she always has a professional and positive attitude. My work schedule changes on a weekly basis and Lei has always gone out of her way to accommodate me. I consider myself very fortunate to have attended that lecture at the library in 1999. Acupuncture has definitely helped me and I will continue to seek Lei's help with any future injuries or health concerns.


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