Diana Ward

When I started seeing Dr. Shaw I had many complaints: tiredness, mental fogginess, hot flashes, constipation, stress, and especially pain and numbness in my neck and pain in my left shoulder.

I am a massage therapist and these pains were starting to make it uncomfortable to perform massage therapy on my clients. I had also been concerned with thyroid function test results. I have been hypothyroid for many years and well controlled on my medication but in the last year and a half my thyroid function test became abnormal making it appear as if I was receiving too much thyroid medication and even with the decrease in my medication the test results still were not returning to normal.

I started by having acupuncture treatments weekly for a month. I intend to continue with the treatments once a month. I no longer have pain in my neck or shoulder. I do have an occasional numbness in my neck but the pain is gone. I had Dr. Shaw treat my left hip also for occasional pain and it is also much better. I was so please because I was afraid I would have to discontinue my massage therapy practice and I did not want to do that. I have my old stamina back also and am feeling much more alert, very much like my old self I have also been taking the herb's Dr Yiao recommend and have seen a decrease in my hot flashes and stress. I was surprised at how relaxed and yet energized I get during the acupuncture treatment. One very interesting thing that I really didn't expect is that now my thyroid function test are normal and my endocrinolist doesn't know why all of sudden they would be normal, I think I do.

I am very happy to have my body functioning in a manner that feels comfortable and normal. I believe I am a better massage therapist, now that my pain is gone I am able to concentrate on my client's concerns. Thank you so much Dr. Shaw.

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