My husband and I first sought out acupuncture as an adjunct treatment in preparation for undergoing invitro fertilization (IVF) to achieve pregnancy. My husband had been diagnosed with a low sperm count, hovering at about 20 million/ml and both my husband and I are near 40 years of age. Ms. Lei Shaw was recommended to us by our reproductive endocrinologist (RE). Before coming to Lei, we had had several medical interventions and had undergone one previous IVF attempt without acupuncture, all unsuccessfully. We found Ms. Shaw to be extremely helpful, considerate and knowledgeable within her practice. After 4 months of treatment my husband's sperm count increased to 34 million/ml, his sleep improved, and some digestive ailments were alleviated. For me, the months of prior fertility treatments had sapped much of my energy and the emotional toll had heightened my stress levels. Knowing that this 2nd IVF attempt would be the last for my husband and me, and hearing about the positive benefits of acupuncture as part of an IVF procedure, we decided to maximize our chances by adding this therapy to our second IVF attempt. With acupuncture, I noticed an immediate increase in my energy levels, I was better able to manage the emotional stress associated with the IVF procedure, and with the Chinese herbs my tolerance for cold temperatures (a lifelong difficulty) improved tremendously. Best of all, my husband and I have just learned we are now expecting twins as a result of the IVF procedure—something that may never have been possible without Ms. Shaw and our IVF team.

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